Climate change and ecological issues will affect many people worldwide and in combination with the economic crises due to COVID-19, the green transition must act as an opportunity to help young people avoid unemployment.

Thus, if we want a green transition and fight against climate change to be successful, we need to upskill and involve everyone, with focus on young people, as they are the future of the workforce and the green transition will directly impact their livelihoods.

The green transition must act as an opportunity to help young people avoid unemployment

About the Project

GreenYOU directly aims to develop green skills for young people, give them the knowledge and competences needed to keep up with the green transition and promote a sustainable and climate neutral society.


The general objectives of the project are:

Mobile Augmented Reality

Build the capacity of youth workers to use Mobile Augmented Reality to teach young people on how to address climate
change and youth unemployment

Youth workers

Develop innovative quality resources for youth workers to promote green skills

Awareness about Climate Change

Increase awareness about the significance of climate change to young people

Green and digital skills

Develop green and digital skills of the youth in the labour market

New green era

Build the competencies of youth workers and eventually young people to be digitally competent in the new green era